Motion-Picture Soundtrack / 1960 – 1980

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I have compiled what I believe to be the quintessential soundtrack for ‘60s and ‘70s period on an iTunes playlist. The choices not only combine selections from two hit movies (Almost Famous and Pirate Radio), they also take on themes that pass like waves throughout the playlist. I attempted to create something coming out of that era which captures the sarcasm, rebellion, free love and confidence of the culture we’ve come to love. This is the music that, as gen-Xers we inherited from our parents. Although this type of music is not from my generation it heavily influenced my generation’s music. On the other hand, if you consider the music I loved in middle school it was all pulled from my parents vinyl collection, plus, growing up in Rochester, NY I was also into listening to 96.5 WCMF. DJs like Dave Kane or “Kano” opened me up to even greater depths of classic and progressive rock. When alternative came on the scene in the 9th grade I made the transition, it could have been pressure to fit in at school, influencers, radio at the time, maybe just a combination.

For this playlist I don’t think I can get away with saying anything like “I remember where I was when I first heard…” but the music does bring me back to visions I could only have imagined but somehow felt I’d lived through. It creates ideas that were and are completely foreign to me but still have a relevance, like finding my way around a familiar place in the dark, I was, just now, hearing them again and realizing that it was a lost part of my culture. It was not something I had a chance to forget, but instead something heard in another life. Some music creates this sense of inheritance, and that’s what I am trying to say with this playlist. Enjoy.