Shana Campbell Project

You can tell right away when you meet him, Kevin Carges is a good leader.  As owner of Canandaigua QuickPrint he is a consummate and understanding boss who cares about the development of his employees and business, as a deacon, he has an understanding for the spiritual journey of his congregation.  Perhaps it’s no surprise then to find that he is also one of the founders of Eight 4 World Hope, a benevolent organization charged with supporting youth in third-world countries like Jamaica.  Typically, Carges’ emphasis is on rehabilitating schools, whether they need new plumbing or a new roof to stay inhabitable, he and his team figure out the best ways to keep cultural-sustaining institutions intact.

When Kevin hears about things he can have an impact on he takes notice and, in many cases, action.  Here’s an inside look at what he is up to these days:

To find out more about Eight 4 World Hope and some of Kevin’s other projects visit


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