Should a Small Media Production Company Expand Into HD by Investing in the Latest Consumer Technology?

As with any type of investment, a company’s future depends on its bottom line. How much profit your business is making should give you a good idea about what to invest back into the company.

There are several things to weigh when making such a critical decision. There is the tech geek factor: doesn’t everyone want the latest and greatest equipment? Something that only a few people can partake in at the moment?

One good thing for a small company to remember is that in the days of its infancy it might be dangerous to take on an investment risk. However, the cost of some of the latest consumer DSLR market equipment is a tempting excuse to indulge. One option is to just continue to save up. Another important point is the reliability of some of these pro/consumer grade electronics. It may look tantalizing when you’re watching it from afar when, for whatever reason, it was not built to last more than two years, and something new will come along to take it’s place. Maybe this is what you’re looking for in your equipment, personally I’d rather have sustainability. There’s nothing worse than investing in something you thought was going to be exceptional and then find a few years later that it doesn’t hold up in the weather, or maybe the codec was not designed to work with professional NLEs.