How to Collect Your Best Ideas

Every morning, after I’ve gotten out of bed, but before I’ve really woken up, I try to sit down and force myself to write. I don’t have an IPad or use fancy high-tech equipment, just have a spiral notebook and a pen, sometimes for aesthetic reasons I’ll use an old typewriter, but this is only if I’m feeling adventurous.

The purpose of my writing regiment is not to generate ideas, however, you’d probably assume this as I chose to title this post in that vein, I scribble whatever I’m feeling, the first thing off the top of my head. I do this to try and help myself to remember that everything is pertinent, every thought has a direction, even if it leads me astray.

It’s kind of nice to wake up knowing this because I think it allows me to let my thoughts become centered. If no thought is off limits then every thought is working towards something, one thing, and that thing is a journey.

The exercise gives me confidence to know that if I can just sit down and concentrate my energies on one activity then I can complete something worthwhile and do something truly original. The key to success is this idea, sit yourself down in front of something, even if it’s not writing, and force yourself to do it. You will come up with ideas in this sit-down session but more importantly you will encourage yourself to start adding onto something meaningful.  This accumulation could become something of a dictionary of your ideas and might generate actions. You will be driven, after the writing session, to keep writing because you will be in that mode of creating something from nothing.